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Coffee Tour Hanging Bridge Copán Coffee Tour The aroma of roasting coffee will dazzle your senses. It is here the magic takes place. Finca Santa Isabel uses time honored roasting techniques specific to each coffee blend, which combine temperature and time. This process produces the “medium-dark“ grade that is best suited to Honduran highlands coffee. READ MORE Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Guided by an authentic native cowboy, starting at your hotel you will ride heading South, by crossing the Copán River. READ MORE Canopy Tour at Copan Copán Canopy Tour A system of trails, suspension platforms, and zip lines that will offer you the opportunity to observe and appreciate tropical vegetation from different vantage points. READ MORE Mono Aullador - Punta Sal Jeannette Kawas National Park Formerly known as Punta Sal, Jeannette Kawas is a fantastic park in Tela accessible only by water. It is a unique reserve with abundant bird life, which is divided into two basic areas: The Península and the Lagoon of Los Micos. The Península is home to a tropical rain forest, and is inhabited by... READ MORE Pico Bonito Zip Line Pico Bonito Canopy Tour After a professional guide provides us with the harnesses, helmet, and all necessary gear, the tour guide helps us up the main cable on the first platform, to slide down right on top of the river. READ MORE Lancetilla Botanical Garden Exotic Flower Lancetilla Garden & Tela Beaches Just outside of Tela lies the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world: Lancetilla Botanical Gardens. Established by the Tela Railroad Co. as an experimental planting station, in this garden tropical plants from all around the world can be found. READ MORE Lake Yojoa - Honduras The Natural Splendor of Honduras A comprehensive showcase of many of the wonders Honduras has to offer. Visit some colonial towns, national parks and the majestic Maya Site of Copan. READ MORE Copan Ball Court Copan Ruinas Day Tour The tour includes the Acropolis, the Ball Court, the Hieroglyphic Stairway and the Great Plaza of the Stelas; as well as the Museum of Mayan Sculpture, acclaimed by experts as unique in the Mayan World. READ MORE Ball Game Friso, Copan Copán Three Nights Tour A more comprehensive packaged tour including most of the many activities available in Copan, besides the spectacular Mayan Ruins. READ MORE San Fernando de Omoa Fortress Omoa Fortress & Canopy Tour Hike along a small river up to a beautiful waterfall, which drops into a natural pool that is perfect for swimming. Climbing a little bit higher, you will get a spectacular view of the Omoa Bay with the Merendon Mountain Range around you. READ MORE