Central America was the first piece of land in continental America Spaniards set foot upon, namely, in what is currently Trujillo on the North coast of Honduras. The region will captivate visitors with its centuries-old colonial architecture. Throughout Honduras, you can find several buildings not to be missed in Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, Omoa, La Campa, and Gracias.

Copán From Guatemala


As an extension of your holiday in Guatemala, set aside a couple more days to enjoy the wonders of the Maya World at this acquainted little town and some of the many alternate activities available, such as the interesting Copan Coffee Tour where you will have an interactive experience around this enigmatic and flavorful bean which is now an integral part of our lives.

Copán Coffee Tour


The aroma of roasting coffee will dazzle your senses. It is here the magic takes place. Finca Santa Isabel uses time honored roasting techniques specific to each coffee blend, which combine temperature and time. This process produces the “medium-dark“ grade that is best suited to Honduran highlands coffee.

Lancetilla Botanical Garden


Just outside of Tela lies the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world: Lancetilla Botanical Gardens. Established by the Tela Railroad Co. as an experimental planting station, in this garden tropical plants from all around the world can be found, many of them bare exotic fruits, which have attracted a multitude of tropical birds that have made the park their home.

Jeannette Kawas National Park


Formerly known as Punta Sal, Jeannette Kawas is a fantastic park in Tela accessible only by water. It is a unique reserve with abundant bird life, which is divided into two basic areas: The Península and the Lagoon of Los Micos. The Península is home to a tropical rain forest, and is inhabited by various interesting animals, the most visible of which is the howler monkey.