Day Tours

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Either if you are a nature lover looking for adventure, or your main interest is about local culture and customs. Or if you prefer easy going activities, we have a wide range of choices for you in many cities throughout the Central American region.


Lancetilla Garden & Tela Beaches

Just outside of Tela lies the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world: Lancetilla Botanical Gardens. Established by the Tela Railroad Co. as an experimental planting station, in this garden tropical plants from all around the world can be found.


Cusuco National Park Day Tour

Cusuco is a cloud forest environment that is native only to Central America. It is unique because of the moisture dropped into the forest by the clouds that usually cover the mountains. The cloud forest habitat reaches its full splendor at altitudes of 1,800mts (6,000ft) over sea level.


Omoa Fortress & Canopy Tour

Hike along a small river up to a beautiful waterfall, which drops into a natural pool that is perfect for swimming. Climbing a little bit higher, you will get a spectacular view of the Omoa Bay with the Merendon Mountain Range around you.


Copán Coffee Tour

The aroma of roasting coffee will dazzle your senses. It is here the magic takes place. Finca Santa Isabel uses time honored roasting techniques specific to each coffee blend, which combine temperature and time. This process produces the “medium-dark“ grade that is best suited to Honduran highlands coffee.